Why Choose Us?

Your Partner in Improving your Business IT Alignment

We specialise in promoting robust governance, associated with direction, control and accountability throughout the organisation. We are trusted advisers for many organisations across multiple industries in the areas of Governance, Risk, Cyber Security, IT Architecture, Internal Audit, Regulation and Managed Services. We are passionate about improving the business value of the supporting services and delivering better than expected business performance for stakeholders through pragmatic solutions, whilst, maintaining a pleasant working environment for all participants.

Baseel LLP came into existence through consolidating a number of independent service providers who excelled in their individual areas. The goal is to offer these services and to leverage on the collective knowledge of each of the experts.


Baseel’s co-founders and members, have at a minimum, more than 15 years’ experience in each of their domains. This level of experience has resulted in the ability for our clients to improve business environments, align business objectives and accelerate the pace of business growth.