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To take advantage of AI, you have to move beyond proof of concept. Find out how to scale the impact of AI across your business for maximum value.

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Artificial intelligence services from Baseel can help you drive smart reinvention of your workflows, technology and entire organization to transform your business into a Cognitive Enterprise. Our industry experts help you implement a data-first strategy, take advantage of your real-time information, augment with third-party sources and integrate with advanced technologies, such as IoT, cognitive automation and AI.


AI services

AI consulting
AI services from Baseel can help you drive smarter reinvention of your workflows and technology. Augment human capabilities and performance to improve outcomes for your customers, employees and other stakeholders.
Conversational AI services
Improve customer and employee experiences while lowering operating costs with AI and Cognitive Care. Rapidly deploy AI assistants and leverage real-time data to engage with customers virtually and handle increases in contact volumes.
Scaling AI for enterprise
Baseel’s methodologies can help you consistently run, maintain and scale AI and machine learning solutions from pilot to production. Adopt a standard framework for developing and deploying AI applications and drive positive ROI for enterprise AI.
Regulatory technology
Baseel helps clients harness the power of AI to stay current on ever-changing regulations. Our Services provide end-to-end risk and compliance management to enable better decisions and regulatory governance.
Analytics consulting services
Baseel analytics consulting experts uncover insights from your data that can help you make better decisions, operationalize analytics and address increasing customer needs.
Trustworthy and responsible AI
AI ethical considerations have never been more important; however, parameters around AI remain vague and intangible. We have the global experience and frameworks to help organizations test and regulate AI.

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AI products and solutions
Unlock the value in your organization with AI. Change how your employees work and redefine the way your business operates.

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