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Discover how we’ve been helping businesses to transform their business with cloud-based software solutions and services.

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Financial Management Software and Cloud-based Solutions
Deep dive into how Baseel is helping businesses to transform with cloud-based software solutions and services. Our Cloud services enable businesses to be more agile, efficient and rewarding than ever before.

What are the advantages of a cloud-hosted system?
Cloud-hosted enterprise control structures don’t depend upon costly infrastructure. Businesses are able to free themselves from the limitations of an on-premise answer through shifting their property right into a bendy cloud platform. You’ll locate lots of advantages particular to your industry. But as a start line the greater trendy advantages begin with big enhancements in:

Baseel’s Deliverables

Hosting Services : We provide the perfect platform to host single or multiple tenant solutions for apex performance and uptime.

Managed Cloud Services : With the help of cloud computing we provide the best resources and a hassle-free service. Our cloud services come in different moulds depending on the scalability and the need of your business.

Smart Enterprise Services : With the era of digital transformation, we configure your communication modules, automated responses with enhanced data insights without any constraints.

Cloud Security & Governance : We ensure you a completely secure and reliable cloud service. With our dedicated network team and strict controls in reference to data security we assure to hold the barricade of your business.

Benefits :

  • Improved security
  • IT support
  • Disaster recovery
  • Database management
  • Cost Effective
  • Compliance

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