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The most awaited cloud solution this industry has been looking for. This solution manages your core financial processes from a simple user-friendly dashboard, align your accounts and give you the best possible outcome. The software is ideal for the fruitful performance of hotels, and to take critical business decisions. Major benefits from the model include complete transparency across the entire organisation and promoting robust governance with all international industry regulations.

What You get:

  • Accurate financial management.
  • Reporting and analytics to improve prosperity and productivity
  • Tracking real-time performance
  • Accounting and finance information at your fingertips
  • Improved revenue forecasting with visibility in sync


Cash Flow Management

Keep a track control of all your receivable goods, payables, financials, and liquidity. Automation speeds up the process of receivables, and analyses your cash flow in real time.

Financial Management & Accounting

Integrate your core business workflow methods and balance sheets to a single, real-time view of the financial condition of your business. This serves as the main base for your financial reporting while helping you make incisive business decisions.

Robust Compliance Features

We specialize in promoting robust governance, associated with a direction, control and accountability throughout the organization and trusted advisers for many organizations across multiple industries ensuring full compliance with all standards, rules, and regulations. Baseel offers you a wide range of solutions from access control to system audits & financial audits.


Standard reports within the system which are easily adaptable to suit customers’ needs keeping finance at the centre of everything. Use real time data and reports to support your organisation’s growth.

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