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What is ISO 13485?

As a security professional, you’re charged with making attackers’ lives as miserable as possible. While continuously reducing your attack surface is a surefire way to get them shaking their fists, preventative measures are only intended to slow attackers down—if they want it badly enough, they’ll find a way into your network. To really bring the pain, organizations need to complement their preventative efforts with incident detection and response capability that can find attackers once they’re in, give them a swift, hard boot, and make sure they can’t make their way back.

We understand the challenges security teams face managing both sides of the breach. And we're here to help. Baseel's detection and response services will help you keep a keen eye on your network's activity and ensure you have the right plan in place to respond when someone gets in.

main service offerings :

1. INCIDENT RESPONSE PROGRAM DEVELOPMENT : Develop an incident response plan focused on threat detection and response.

2. MANAGED DETECTION AND RESPONSE SERVICES : Enlist an army of cyber guardians to monitor and hunt attackers in your environment.

service offerings

To outpace them, you need a plan and you need to review it regularly. Our experts at Baseel will evaluate your environment—from technology to assets to people, process, and policy—to rate your capabilities and preparedness while offering relevant, business-based recommendations to help you meet your IR program goals. Need to build your program from the ground up? We can help with that too. Our IR Program Development offering can be customized to help build or improve your capability in any area of the Security Program Lifecycle.

The Security Program Lifecycle

IR Plan Development

Do you have an existing incident response plan, or need your plan reviewed or updated? Let our experts help develop an IR plan that works for your security program. Some items we cover when building a new plan include:
  • IR phases
  • Criticality matrix
  • Incident and event response workflows
  • Technology analysis
  • RASCI charts (Understanding who is responsible for a given set of actions in the event of an incident is critical. The RASCI charts will document both the tasks to be completed and their owners during the IR lifecycle)
  • Third parties. (Identifying and documenting the third parties you work with is necessary with any MSP or cloud services. Key areas such as points of contact, service types, data retention strategy, and investigation engagement are within scope.)

  • SOC Optimization

    Let Baseel’s incident response team take your SOC to the next level. Our team of experts sits with your SOC operators and analyzes how they currently react to incidents, the tools they use, how they use these tools, and how incident tracking and communication is currently executed. Additionally, we review your current tool deployment, configuration, and capabilities, such as EDR visibility, SOC capabilities around tools, and intel management.
    Our goal is to ensure your SOC is investigating the alerts that matter, documenting its findings, and communicating these findings in an organized, repeatable fashion.

    Team Training

    Our incident response team has developed a variety of content tailored to educating security staff and IR personnel:
  • Incident response
  • Malware analysis
  • Threat intelligence
  • Threat hunting
  • Prevention and Detection
  • Response Methods
  • Remediation
  • Validation and verification
  • Post-IR Analysis
  • Report and data review

  • Detect advanced threats

    Multiple advanced detection methods, including proprietary threat intelligence, behavioral analytics, Network Traffic Analysis, and human threat hunts find evil in your environment.

    Stop attackers in their tracks

    Our team will instantly contain user and endpoint threats to cut off the attacker. Detailed findings reports guide you to take additional remediation and mitigation actions tailored to your program.

    Accelerate your security program

    Let our team be a force multiplier for you. Detection and response experts—from your security advisor to the SOC—help you strengthen your defenses, take immediate response actions, and improve your program. MDR Service Benefits
  • Dedicated security advisor
  • 24x7 SOC monitoring by world-class experts
  • Real-time incident detection and validation
  • Immediate response actions taken on your behalf
  • Access to Rapid7's threat intel and research
  • Proactive threat hunting
  • Full access to InsightIDR, our cloud SIEM
  • Behavioral analytics and network traffic detections
  • Incident management and response support
  • Zero data costs and unlimited event sources
  • Why Baseel

    Standing up an effective detection and response program isn’t as simple as buying and implementing the latest security products. It requires a dedicated SOC, staffed with highly skilled and specialized security experts, and 24/7 vigilance using the best technology to ensure stealthy attackers have nowhere to hide. Creating such a program can be expensive, difficult to maintain, and provides limited assurance that you’ve advanced your overall security.

    The challenge is, most managed service providers today can only help as far as their third-party tools enable them to, and they consider “response” an incident report with a few canned suggestions. MDR means Managed Detection and Response. You deserve confidence that your MDR provider can deliver an end-to-end experience for both.

    We have built from the ground up to help security teams of all sizes and experiences strengthen their security posture, find and stop attackers, and stay ahead of emerging threats. We use a combination of security expertise and our leading technology solutions to detect dynamic threats quickly across your entire ecosystem to provide the hands-on, 24/7/365 monitoring, proactive threat hunting, effective response support, tailored security guidance, and team of response experts

    Most importantly, our MDR service enables your team to focus on what matters most to you, while letting us handle threat detection and response. Consider us an extension of your internal team. A partner in your security success. Let MDR become a force multiplier for your security program and free up your analysts to provide more value to your business.


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