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People experiencing innovative, personalised, and speedy digital business models such as Amazon and Uber expect the same experience with government.

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Innovative, customised, and speedy digital business models drive success, improve performance and give economic solutions using the knowledge and guidance of strategic partnerships. We focus on transforming end-to-end services and delivering value to citizens at scale.
We embrace technical, social, and organisational change to be more perceptive, flexible, and transparent.
Public Sector establishments maintain to discover how generation can pressure achievement, enhancing overall performance and using down expenses the use of the understanding and steering of strategic partnerships. Today, it's far not unusual place understanding that a hit initiatives are installation to transport past siloed techniques and generation. They attention on remodeling stop-to-stop offerings and turning in cost to residents at scale. For public establishments, achievement is measured now no longer best with the aid of using the monetary go back on funding however even extra so with the aid of using the political and social go back. Failure is expensive: risky or dangerous communities, degraded citizen offerings or loss of offerings, financial or political irrelevance, and lack of strength or reputation. People are experiencing innovative, personalised, and fast virtual commercial enterprise fashions along with Amazon and Uber and anticipate the equal enjoy with authorities. To maintain to fulfil its mission, we should be extra responsive, adaptable, and transparent.

Baseel’s Key Deliverables

1. Sales and Business Development

  • Customisable
  • Personalised marketing
  • Cross - channel Commerce Management
  • Sales Force automation
  • Performance management
  • Customer view
  • Digital services monetization

2. Managed Services and Project

  • Billing and revenue collection
  • Service-centric Billing and Accounting
  • Customer project management
  • Travel reimbursement
  • On-Field service guidance
  • Customer experience oversights

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