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Ariba SNAP provides faster & easy automation processes.

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SAP Ariba SNAP helps small to mid-sized companies access to a variety of key procure-to-pay (P2P) tools which are designed to give growing organizations access to many of the benefits of source-to-pay deployment. Ariba Snap additionally gets you equipped for the upgrade to SAP Ariba for when the time is right. In the meantime, Ariba Snap will assist you to manage spending and put in force compliance and is designed to without difficulty. SAP Ariba Snap gives developing agencies the chance to take benefit of virtual procurement in advance of their boom cycle.

Why Ariba SNAP ?

Once you’re part of the Ariba Network, it’s smooth to your employer to improve to SAP Ariba Cloud whilst the time is right. Ariba Snap allows you display and manipulate your very own spend by typing all your contracts, invoices, and buy orders collectively in a single searchable virtual characteristic you’ll advantage a massive variety of insights and blessings to your procurement operation. With SAP Ariba Snap, you’ll be capable to control your P2P functions

Advanced Templates

Advanced templates make it clean to produce expert contracts, invoices, and extra in moments – minimizing group of workers training needs.

Conformity for your Spending

With guided shopping and with different tools, you make your employees purchase from providers that match your requirements – whatever they are.


  • A Unified View of Spending
  • Control of Each Spend Category
  • Supplier and Policy Management

Main Key Benefits:

  • Ariba Snap gets you ready for the upgrade to SAP Ariba
  • Ariba Snap will help you take complete control of spending and enforce compliance
  • Designed to easily scale as you grow

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