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SAP Conversational Artificial Intelligence (CAI)
Commonly known as chatbot, it is a service that is being used both in B2C and B2B business. SAP CAI is a cloud based Chatbot framework which comprises of an NLP Engine, a graphical Bot Builder and a Bot Connector which is used to connect bots to deploy to various channels such as Teams, Alexa etc. Deployed on the SAP Cloud Platform, it is completely integrated into SAP ERP ecosystem.

Why CAI?
The specific function of a Chatbot is its functionality to talk with the consumer in herbal language, both in spoken or written form. For us it is the simplest manner to explicit our wishes. It is Smooth to understand. By connecting your bot to more than one deployment channels like Webchat, Teams, Alexa, Messengers or your personal app, it will become reachable from nearly anywhere at any time.

Features & Benefits :

Communication : The unique feature of a Chatbot is its capacity to communicate with the user in standard language, either in spoken or written form. This is the most natural and easiest way for communicating.

Self-Learners: Chatbots & assistants are working with the same interface which is used for Messenger and Whatsaap and hence are easy to understand. By integrating many business applications connected to your Digital Assistant, it becomes the modern version of an Enterprise Portal, without any need of training.

High Accessibility : By integrating your bot to multiple channels like Webchat, Teams, Alexa, Messengers or your own app, it is accessible from almost everywhere at any time.

Baseel combines expertise in developing technologies such as CAI with a breadth and depth of process knowledge in the area of eProcurement. We know inside out about which processes to use for maximum optimization of a system.

We optimize the existing procedures and preserve the tried and tested for further purposes if needed.

Why to select SAP CAI Solutions by Baseel?

There are a whole lot of Conversational Artificial Intelligence Solutions current which might also additionally lead you for your goals Baseel combines knowledge in growing technology including CAI with in-intensity system information withinside the region of eProcurement. We understand precisely which technology to apply at which factors to optimize a going for walks system. We do now no longer invent new approaches for this purpose, however as an alternative we optimize the prevailing ones and maintain the attempted and tested.

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