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Increase efficiency across your organisation by establishing end-to-end processes and enabling services automation.

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Baseel puts in place a digital vision and adapts to professional services technology that takes into notice about the emerging business models such as result-oriented engagements, providing deep insights and sourcing work through external talented professionals. We not only re-engineer your business processes, but also check if you have the right professional services automation platform to accomplish the goal.

Baseel is ready to name upon our revel in of operating with organizations to broaden give up-to-give up expert offerings automation answers that fulfill the necessities of task-pushed or aid-extensive organizations. We can guide your virtual transition via way of means of assisting you combine SAP for expert offerings to be able to assist you advantage higher efficiencies into center abilties via way of means of that specialize in expertise, talent, provider transport and client engagement.

What is Professional Services Automation?

Professional Services Automation (PSA) is the use of software that assists experts with project management, resource planning, timesheet maintenance. Access a whole new world of opportunities with the potential to generate current revenue streams, digital services, full-fledged business models, and assured client expectations.

.• Gain a 360 view of your clients, pipeline, strategies and projects.
• Maximise sales through progressed aid management
• Regulate your staff, clients, projects and economic records

it's time to reconsider your method and recall expert offerings automation. You’ll have get right of entry to to an entire new international of possibility with the capability to generate new sales streams, provide virtual offerings, undertake new outcome-primarily based totally commercial enterprise models, and make sure you may meet ever-converting patron expectations.

What we offer

Gain operational effectiveness
Integrating data and processes from the order to the receipt of payment, and combined into a central system.

Deliver project visibility
Project horizon for customers’ project performance to your organisations overall business growth. Operational transparency through powerful analytical tools to get an insight into how projects are managed and delivered.

Proper resource utilization
Accurate forecasts along with time tracking consistency for profitable means with the help of resource tools.

Effectively manage talent
Proactive, integrated approach to the management lifecycle to manage your workforce in the cloud with continuous performance management and to retain your top talent.

Organisation-wide collaboration
Gain an undivided flow and exchange of information between teams. Favour from simplified internal transactions across boundaries, reducing complexity and providing the finest structure and automation you need.

New revenue streams
Generate profits by offering digital services and adopting new result-oriented business models.

Unique Client Engagement
Strengthen relationships through corresponding and personal communications and deliver a unique client experience with professional services automation.

Benefits :

  • Real-time visibility into the services organisation’s performance and profitability
  • Improved on-time project delivery and greater project success rates
  • Increased resource utilisation
  • Advanced resource management functionality
  • Equip services teams with mobile access to time and expense management
  • Reduces hardware maintenance costs and upgrade hassles with cloud-based delivery

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