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The future is now. We are already living in a cyber society, so we need to stop ignoring it or pretending that is not affecting us.

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What is V-CISO?

Cyber Security is not an area to neglect any more. As per CEBR/Veracode 2015, Cyber Attacks have costed British Industry £34 Billion a year. The key challenge faced by the small and medium industry is the skills shortage to guide them thoroughly through establishing defence in depth. Our Virtual CISO can help you at a Board and Executive Management level to design and implement a security strategy.
Not all organisations need and/or afford a full-time CISO, but still, need the expertise to deliver information and cybersecurity strategy that ensures sustained business success and continuity. This security, risk, and IT compliance advisory service enables clients to stay competitive while mitigating cyber threats.


  • Assess : Understand the existing business model, organisational goals, cybersecurity challenges
  • Design : Establish the areas to be addressed, design bespoke CISO function and operating framework for the organisation, onboard virtual CISO
  • Operate : Provide ongoing support to the organisation. Periodically fine-tune the operating framework to address the changes in the security landscape for the organisation
  • Virtual CISO responsibilities may include

  • Design and implement Cyber Security Strategy
  • Advise on the security compliance requirements and guide through acquiring compliance where required
  • Provide Security representation at Board and Executive Management level
  • As required, interact with external parties such as Regulators, Auditors, Clients, and Suppliers
  • Design and manage Operational Risk Assessments including Impact Assessments across the organisation
  • Mentor in house security team and improve overall security awareness across the staff
  • Testing and evaluating current protection to make recommendations for improvement
  • Educating and advising executive management and key stakeholders
  • Managing and developing security policies, guidelines, procedures and standards

  • Offerings :

    This is a completely bespoke service addressing your Organizational Goals and Needs. We can offer on-site/off-site service to enable structured security improvements. The CISO can work for you from a few days a month to a full-time role.

    This is a completely scalable service as well. Depending on the specific need, the v-CISO can introduce additional subject matter experts as per the cost and time requirements of the organization.

    Benefits of v-CISO

    • Cost Efficiency
      Cost of hiring in-house CISO, including hiring fees, salary, benefits and development, is too high for a good resource. The amount spent in keeping up to date with the face-paced changing security landscape is too high. By working with our vCISO offering, we absorb the cost of training.
      Not all companies need a full-time CISO, so working with a vCISO you have the flexibility to avail the services for the duration you really need.

    • Specialised Skillset
      Our vCISOs are subject matter experts with advanced expertise and experience, ensuring your organisation is in the safe hands.
      Our vCISOs have access to all our expert teams with a breadth and depth of capabilities, offering an extended resource of experience and knowledge when needed.
      Plus, they’ll provide that all-important rationale to key stakeholders within your organisation.

    • Objective independence
      Although a vCISO will be working closely alongside you, they’ll still be an external source, enabling them to provide objective advice and guidance.

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