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Setting the Pace of Operations in Wholesale Distribution

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Baseel’s digitization transforms operations in wholesale distribution offers management systems, multiple commerce platforms, and inventory management solutions. This optimizes processes, keeps customers satisfied and happy.

How Baseel can Help you

Process Integration and Calibration
Improving functionality is a top priority in Baseel. We streamline and standardize your core processes by integrating and automating financial processes to save time, minimise errors, and improve customer satisfaction.

System Automation and Transformation
This enables to gain accurate result-oriented insights to make the right business decisions and transform your business.

Data Classification and Predictive Analysis
We analyse your data to deliver deeper insights in the supply chain management and make predictions to optimize application management, planning, and sales processes.

Price Enhancement
Optimised management solutions enable distributors to gain a crystal overview of complex discount and commission programs to improve profitability.

Logistics Networking
Process automation, flexible IT solutions, and transparency are the key to efficient supply chain management.

Why Choose Us

With a breadth & depth of experience in industry’s leading innovators and trendsetters, Baseel is the ideal partner for your wholesale distribution. We draw upon our unparalleled experience in the industry, our understanding of customer specific requirements, and our SAP partnership to deliver excellency to our customers.

We use best practices and industry-specific software which are specially designed to accelerate the implementation of SAP solutions and minimize disruption to business.

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